Justin Trudeau’s Fan Test: How Much Do You Know About His Past?

Whenever I come across any article or story on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I at least spent a few minutes looking just at his picture. For an aspiring writer like me it’s not very ideal, but for a fan it’s like breathing through the eyes. Justin Trudeau is heavily trending over our entire social media; sometimes for his cute positive statements, other times for his “proudly progressive feminist” ideas. He’s an LGBT ally who doesn’t shy away from breaking a leg, a yoga fanatic who is self-deprecating. This charismatic hockey fan who knows how to get down to business has made people obsessed over him, resulting into numerous clicks or news feeds about him flooding the internet. So, if you are reading this blog and are a fellow admirer I have multiple facts to share about Justin Trudeau before he became Canadian Prime Minister.

  • Few months from Trudeau’s birth, American president Richard Nixon predicted Justin Trudeau’s political future during a political dinner party toast calling him the ‘future prime minister of Canada’.
  • He also worked as a night club bouncer in British Columbia.
  • His younger brother Michel died in an avalanche during a ski trip which resulted in Justin’s involvement in promoting Avalanche Safety.
  • Being a skilled boxer Justin Trudeau defeated conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match.
  • He’s a Star Wars geek and one Halloween he dressed up as Han Solo.
  • In his political campaign Trudeau promised to push through the legalization of marijuana in Canada.
  • Before they got married, Sophie Gregoire and Justin Trudeau were classmates when they were growing up; Gregoire was actually a childhood friend of Trudeau’s youngest deceased brother Michel.
  • An intruder broke into the house of Trudeau, who was away in Winnipeg on August 18, 2014 while his wife and the three kids were sleeping alone. He left a “threatening note” but no damage was caused to the property plus nothing was stolen.
  • At 23, Justin tattooed a large earth on his left arm which he later modified by adding a large Haida raven around it. His father Pierre Trudeau was adopted as a member of Haida tribe during his 1976 trip to Queen Charlotte’s Island.

Hereby I proclaim Justin Trudeau as the most charming Prime Minister ever. He went to the airport to personally greet Syrian refugees and help hand out warm winter coat, I mean, how can a Prime Minister be so admiring? The internet is flooded with “Everyone loves Justin Trudeau” blogs and that’s because I am not the only one crushing  over him, the whole world is obsessed with him. FYI, the Canadian Prime Minister can do everything from dancing on Bollywood tracks to acting in Hollywood movies. I don’t know if he does some ‘nice guy’ tactics or something, but he is really good at everything he does.

P.S.: This blog is written by a crazy fan and if you are one like me, leave a comment below and if you are not, get a life!

Penned By:
Ashi Singh


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