The Latest Trends In Nail Art, Beauty And Fashion

Nailing That Nail Art

The word ‘manicure’ has suddenly turned into a mammoth from a sloth in recent years. Nails that were painted with matte colours, blood red or ballet satiny pink were considered elegantly high fashion and voguish. But with the introduction of moss green, tangerine neon and steel grey colours, the nail art fashion rejuvenated with a bang. Originally started for high class society in salons, it was considered as a tedious job to do at home. But lucky for us, nail art has taken a turn for more solemn designs, which can be precisely DIYed at ease even if you are not a nail art genius. Some are listed below:

  1. Silver Statement
    Metallic look nail designs are widely admired by working ladies. It is usually created using the mirror nail polish, all you need is to apply a simple base coat of transparent colour then top it with two coats of reflective silver. It not only adds an extra shine, but also gives a dramatic effect.mirror-silver-nailart
  1. Abstract Patterns
    Mathematicians won’t have ever guessed how we women can play with geometry and abstract patterns on our nails. Negative spacing is a cool way to wear big shapes without being too loud. Minimalist nails are going prominent this year around.abstract patterns.jpg
  1. Third Dimensional Bling
    With 3D horror flicks gaining popularity, how could 3D embellishments, crystals and stones be left behind? College girls are dashing up their typical manicure with these stardust items.Blue-Diamond-3D-Nail-Art

Holographic polish, patterned French tip, spray on polish, jewel tones, oil spill are some of the latest trends that are taking over the old patterns like flowering, polka dots, matte hues in the nail art industry. One of the most interesting and exciting as well is the lettering nail art. It’s getting the heads turned or should I say dictating everyday look for the ladies this year. With this you can actually say what you mean and there you go your emotions are spilled all over your nails.

The On Going Beauty Contour


Classic neutral shades like deep burgundies, crimson are gorgeous shades to try this season. ‘Pinterest Brows’ are being pushed back to make an entry for ‘Brushed Up Brows’. They go easy on the arch and look more feathery.Glittery lids give your makeup an extra edge by increasing the oomph factor. Earthy Eye Shadow may be your new best friend this season. The glow these metallic shades  compliments every skin tone beautifully. Clown contouring is so not hot this season; in fact concentrate more to highlight a single feature like a nose, jawline and cheekbones. Soft couture is the motto this year.

Runaway With Fashion

  1. Shirt Dresses
    They hit the fashion runway few years ago, are both classic and trendy.  But over the past few months these shirt dresses have come back with a twist. With a variety of cuts and quirks these shirt dresses have been re-imagined with asymmetric hemlines, button-downs, double slits-mandarin collar by the designers. So, get ready to experiment with the look and embark upon any adventure of your choice girls.
  1. Show off your Shoulder
    Bare your shoulders this summer in the most exciting and unmatchable versatility through crop tops, jumpsuits and ethnic blouses.
  1. Long vests
    The magic of wearing vests is that it has a slimming effect on a body. You can leave it unbuttoned, or wear it over a sweater when the mercury is dropping. It provides a unique layered look.
  1. Flared sleeves
    Adding theatricals and density to any outfit from sari-blouse to choli, from shrugs to shirts. Thesebell sleeved have come out to play.

Also, horizontal to vertical stripes on saris, tunic tops and shirt dresses will give you an urban outlook far from boring. Fashion designers have taken the jungle book idea and induced their clothing line with leopard prints, coloured batik, tropical brushes, lush bloom etc. making them roar.

Penned By
Ashi Singh




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